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What is happening during the fair in 2016?

The exhibition, which is the core of the trade fair, will also offer a number of other exciting activities this year.


The competition stage offers a packed program every day.
• Swedish Pizza Championships – who makes Sweden's best pizza? A prestigious competition that is very competitive. Far from your standard Capricciosa!
• Burger Battle names the best burger. What is your favorite?
• Swedish Ice Cream Championships in cooperation with Tony Olsson from the Swedish National Pastry Team. Now this is ice cream!
• Swedish Food Truck Championships. The trucks roll in one-after-one and when the starting pistol goes off, the adrenaline and competitive spirit will be almost tangible.
• Chef Student of the Year. Come meet the future! Third-year students compete with a seasonal fish dish that focuses on Swedish ingredients.

Inside the hall, Alexander Sjögren practices his menu for Bocuse d'Or - Chef World Championships in a constructed competition kitchen.

• Student Restaurant - constructed and run entirely by students currently majoring in hotel and restaurants. The Student Restaurant is open every day of the exhibition. Reserve a table, meet the chefs of the future and enjoy their food.
• Restaurant GastroNord can be found in the middle of all of the exhibitors. Meet with your customers here and expand your business network while enjoying good food and drinks.
• Concrete Café in the Entrance Hall – winners of the New Eyes on Concrete competition design a concrete café. The exhibition will also offer energy-boosting fruit shots, entertainment and interesting installations. All this before you even enter into GastroNord!


VinordicSkolan continues to develop:

• Popular VinordicSkolan continues to develop with pay/invitation speed courses in
drinks and menus, which give certification.
• Attendance can to a certain extent be reserved in advance for your customers.
• Learn to mix drinks, both with and without alcohol.

Several new events are planned:
• The Discovery Room is where importers with new products and producers
who have not yet established themselves can allow visitors to test their products.
• The winners of the Vinordic Wine Challenge will be on display and available for tasting.
• Bar Nordic, an exciting themed bar that features well known bartenders, music, games and tattoos. Open for everyone until before closing it becomes exclusively for partners, invited guests and paying visitors.
• Bar & drink activities will be arranged in cooperation with industry organizations.

At the Champagne Bar and the Rosé Bar you will have the chance to participate with your products and show the market your selection. We want to offer our visitors the opportunity to test a good selection of these drinks from many different importers in a pleasant bar environment. The bars will be manned by knowledgeable staff from Munskänkarna.